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This has been our biggest project so far. It consists of 10+ different services and multiple multiplatform applications.

A leading Hungarian R&D company has asked us to create a next generational kiosk system that can provide a telepresence experience both on kiosk endpoints and on the web.

The system was designed to be used by multiple service provider companies.

We were given user stories, and from that, we have created a full system architecture design and interface design, which we implemented.
After the product has been finished, we deploy the system on the companies’ private network, integrating it into companies’ existing systems.

Additionally, we also took part in the process of auditing the system for ISO 270001 certifications.

Some of the challanges we have faced


Needed to create multiple WebRTC streams between peers, record and manage them.


Had to distribute video recordings between different companies.


Handle up to six cameras and six streams at once between two peers.


Provided a secure dashboard to browse and manage previous recordings.


Use custom media and turn servers in between webRTC endpoints in a dockerized environment.


Provide an interface to control remote peers, cameras, and motorized zoom lens.

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