We love media & technology

We are a mediacentric development team from Hungary. We have substantial experience in the movie industry and modern web technologies.

We have a broad set of skills


Developing Node.js microservices


Designing and managing microservice architectures


Dockerizing applications and deploying on cloud services


Building peer to peer systems


Designing and implementing modern web based interfaces


Designing and implementing REST API-s


Developing streaming solutions


Developing Electron desktop applications and integrating them with native elements


We have been building international movie industry softwares for 20 years.
We love using the latest technologies.

Interactive Kiosk

This project consists of 10+ separate services and several multiplatform applications.

Extracting Camera Control Commands

We received a hardware manufacturer’s request to reverse engineer the control commands of a movie camera to integrate them into their controllers.

Torrent Based Streaming

We have created a multi-platform application to stream videos from custom torrent feeds. The application collects metadata from public databases to display information about the available videos.

Video Chat Platform

We have implemented a WebSocket-based text chat and WebRTC based video chat.

Technologies we are comfortable with



Meet Our Members

Andras Kovacs
Andras Kovacs

Senior Backend Developer

Andor Feher
Andor Feher

Senior Frontend Developer

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Hűvösvölgyi út 64. 1021 Budapest, Hungary
+36 70 3626 251

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